Wednesday, 9 March 2011

NARS Nouveau Monde Spring 2011 duo eyeshadow

You can always rely on NARS to bring out some interesting colour combinations. The spring duo Nouveau Monde(£23.50) pairs a cool toned shimmery silvered lilac (which contains micro glitter) and a satin finish mossy olive brown.

Both shades have a smooth texture and great pigmentation.

The colours are beautiful and the pairing works really well, however I don’t think the shades work on me.
I can’t help but feel that the lilac comes off a tad too metallic looking, and the olive tones of the deeper shade don't translate as much when applied on the lid.

I do still think this is very pretty duo, but I am not too keen on how it looks on me.

I bought this from Space NK


  1. How did you get the lilac shade to show up so clearly? However much I apply (with or without primer) I get no colour payoff or indeed shimmer or glitter at all, just a thin and quite sheer layer of murk. I find this duo very disappointint for that very reason.

  2. I love this duo and when I first bought it I thought that it wouldn't show up at all. Boy, was I wrong. It is a bit lighter in color for me but then again, my skintone is a bit darker than yours.

  3. Even though the olive doesn't pick up as much on the eye pic, I think the overall look is still very nice, and I rather like how the lilac looks in contrast with olive. I think this would layer quite well over a darker shade too.

  4. ohmy this duo looks gorgeous on you! I was almost thinking of passing it when i saw the stock photo on nars/sephora, but i HAVE to get it now, it's the 2nd time i saw it and it looks GREAT!!!

  5. I think this is such an unusual combination. I had a NARS mua help me at Sephora recently and when I asked her about it, she just waved it off as not worth looking at!
    IMO, I think it's lovely on you! It probably needs thoughtful wardrobe planning.

  6. Actually, I think it looks very pretty on you. The lilac seems to brighten your entire eye area and set off the darkness of the olive. Oh, and I agree with Meeta that it would layer nicely with any other dark shade too.

    BTW, I got the Chantecaille turtles and haven't stopped wearing them (yes, at home, with only books and the laptop to appreciate their beauty lol). I don't know what to tell you other than that they are a work of beauty. Unfortunately I only had a quick look on counter at the Chanel palette, so I'm unable to tell you how they compare, and I could not in all honesty recommend such an expensive item if there is a risk of it being too similar to something that you already own.
    The turtles are, however, absolutely beautiful on all counts and I wouldn't regret buying the palette even if only for the sea-foam green and the blusher. Sorry I can't help more... :)
    Nina x

    PS I saw a pic somewhere of the Becca spring release palette and it looked fantastic, but darn if I can remember which was a link on Twitter and I neglected to bookmark it.

  7. Hi GreatSheElephant,
    I used it over Too faced shadow insurance and just patted it on with a MAC 239, I am very pale so perhaps that is why it shows up more. Sorry to hear the duo was a disappointment for you :(

    Hi lexi920,
    I think the NARS eyeshadow formula has much improved since their early days. I keep thinking it would be nice if they released an eye palette with some new shades rather than the exiting ones :)

    Hi Meeta,
    Thanks. I'll have to try to layer it over a darker shade, I do tend to be somewhat unadventurous with my eye makeup x

    Hello Vintage Makeup,
    It is a very spring type of colour :)

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks so much, on the whole it does seem to be a very popular duo from what I have read on other blogs ;)

    Hi Joolz,
    You'd think the mua would be trying to get you to buy from the newer collection rather than steer you away. I'm glad you like the look, you are spot on about "thoughtful wardrobe planning" I have played safe and gone for all black so far x

    Hello Nina,
    Thank you. I love that you are wearing your turtles while housebound and studying, shows makeup commitment ;)
    I was hoping you would say it was nothing special really, I value you opinion and I am putting this back on my list because even if it is similar to the Chanel the texture/performance will be better.
    I tell you I have a bee in my bonnet about Becca spring, so any information is good, I'll start doing a search for Becca spring palette and see if that brings anything up, thanks for letting me know x

  8. Hi again Nina,
    Just to say did a search and this came up for becca, is this the pic you saw?

  9. Yes! That's the one. Someone posted a link of that same pic yesterday on Twitter. So glad you found it... Looks really cute, doesn't it! :) x

  10. Sorry for spamming you hon, but I just had another look at the pic and I have to say that the two shades on the top (the far right if you were looking at the palette normally) look very similar to two of the eye shadows in the turtles palette...just an observation. x

  11. Hi Nina,
    You won't be happy till I have that turtles palette will you ;P xx

  12. On the contrary, I was merely hinting that perhaps the Becca might actually cover you... :)) x

  13. I think the colors look lovely on you! It is an unexpected combo but looks great on you! Have you thought of putting Abyssinian Catbird in the mix to add some more interest/drama... it might be worth a try. Or you could do a tone on tone khaki eye with just the olive side with Abyssinian..? Just a thought! Enjoy!

  14. I think the problem is the silver, it needs to be a bit more lilac to work, silver is really difficult to wear and I personally don't think it looks great on the majority of people. The olive's really nice though. There's just something I'm not keen on about Nars eyeshadows. I don't own any because whenever I go and swatch them they either don't show up well or have too much glitter or something so I've never wanted to buy any. Strange for such an expensive brand.

  15. Hi Nina,
    You mean of course when I end up buying both... ;) x

    Hello Ballet news,
    Indeed they are, I just need to get them to work better for me :)

    Hello Lakshmi,
    Thanks so much ;)
    That is a really good idea about using AC with it, will have to give it a try! x

    Hi StellieStellina,
    I think your right, silver is a difficult shade, I always thinks it brings out the worse in my skin, I wonder that this duo would look better on darker skin than mine.

  16. Like others, I think it looks very pretty on you but I appreciate that whilst something may look pretty in a photo, you have to feel comfortable wearing it. I haven't taken the plunge yet and I can't decide whether to get this or one of the duos from the regular line. After seeing many pictures, I'm not 100% sure it's a must-have but I still haven't seen it in person.
    Jane x

  17. Hello Jane,
    Thank you. I don't think you would love this duo to be honest. I'm not sure how many nars shadows you have but I'd say to avoid most of the earlier ones like Bellissima,Charade, Rebecca, Tokyo as the colour pay off is not so good and I found they really faded x

  18. I love these shades, so it might seem as an odd pairing, but I think it works... perhaps it's a matter of getting used to it? :)
    Can't wait to get my hands on it, been lusting after it for ages now!!!


  19. Hi Replica, the only two duos that I own are Melusine and Rajasthan. I was looking at Brousse, Cordura and possibly Habanera if I was feeling daring. I have considered Kalahari before but they don't have it on ASOS where I'm looking. To be honest, since I looked at the YSL Pure Chromatics, that's all I can think about! I blame you entirely ;P
    Jane x

  20. Hi Tina,
    I think you could pull it off better than me. I'll look forward to your review should you end up with it. I will keep trying with it though, I especially like Lakshmi's idea of putting RBR Abyssinian Catbird with it x

    Hi Jane,
    I've been thinking about Habanera ever since it first came out, so will be very interested if you get that one.
    Good, I am glad you are now focussed on the YSL Pure Chromatic ;) I do like to share my makeup urges,I went to get it again today but got sidetracked by the new Chanel rouge coco shines.... x


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